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How to cook Frankfurts? Easiest and Fastest Ways


You can cook Frankfurts at home in a lot of ways. In this post, we will share four major methods with you, which will help you to make a delicious hot dog at home. Here we will teach you how you can cook hot dogs in a pot on the stove, microwave hot dogs to get the desired outcome, make use of a multi-cooker to cook hot dogs, and lastly, how to steam hot dogs.

How long do you boil hot dogs?

The cooking method you are using determines the cooking time of hot dogs. Let’s take a look at how much time it will take to cook frankfurter sausages, relying on the method you select to prepare them:

During boiling hot dogs, you will have to wait for two to five minutes to cook hotdogs in boiling water on the stove. If we talk about how much time is required to boil frozen hot dogs, then it takes approximately five to seven minutes. In addition, you have to wait for ten to fifteen minutes to steam hotdogs. Keep in mind that boiling time should not exceed the given time that is mentioned above.

 Boiling process of hot dogs in a pan:

The easiest way to cook hot dogs is boiling, and that’s true. First of all, for a few minutes, you have to keep hot dogs in boiling water. However, you have to think about some individualities for how to cook frankfurter sausages in boiling water. Here, we have shared the making process of hot dogs and compiled a list of ingredients that you should have for the recipe:

  • Four hot dog sausages, water for boiling
  • You should have natural casings and cellulose casings. Don’t forget to remove cellulose from the sausages before cooking.
  • As per the number of wieners you have, select a pot or saucepan, at least four sausages need one litre of water to be boiled. After that, fill this pot with water, and place it on high heat for boiling. After boiling water, put hot dogs on it and wait for the water to re-boil.
  • Boil sausages for two to five minutes after reducing the heat.
  • When sausages will be cooked, exclude them out of water. Because it can consequence in their taste if you leave them in hot water. You can make use of a fork or tongs to take them out of the water so that you can keep safe yourself.
  • After that, cool down the boiled sausages before using them.  

Boiling process of frozen Frankfurts:

You need to put hot dogs into a pot with cold water if you want to cook hot dogs straight out of the freezer. After that, place them on medium heat on the stove. After boiling water, reduce the heat and let sausages boil for up to seven minutes.

Method to cook Frankfurts in the microwave:

Microwaving frankfurts will be a quick way to prepare for further use in other recipes. Here are some steps following them you can prepare hot dogs by using the microwave:

  • Initially, eliminate cellulose casings, then cut hot dogs in various places with a fork, and after that, place them in a deep bowl safe for the microwave.
  • Transfer the boiled water to a bowl with sausages. Keep in mind that sausages should be fully covered with water in a bowl.
  • Cook it three to five minutes after placing the bowl in a microwave.
  • When hot dogs are prepared, you can take them out of the hot water and eat them.

 Preferred Method:

Our preferred method is to cook your Frankfurts on the grill!!! They enhance the smokey flavour and gives a nice char and caramelization that you will love. Firstly, heat up the grill so that when you put the Franks on it will give a nice sizzle. Cook on each side for about 5-6 mins and then add some cheese and mustard in a hot dog bun for an unbelievable experience.

Final words

After reading the above-written points, hope you understand how to cook Frankfurts with ease and fastest ways. Now, you don’t need to go outside to eat hot dogs because now you can prepare delicious hot dogs at home. Apart from this, if you want to ask something about this post or regarding hot dogs, you can ask us in the comment section; we will surely answer your questions.