Nitrite Free Bacon - Chemical Free Smallgoods

Nitrite Free Bacon – Chemical Free Smallgoods

Gamze produce consistently high quality chemical free smallgoods and Nitrite Free Bacon.

Chemical (E) number Free Smallgoods

Nitrates and nitrites have been used as food additives in cured meats and some cheeses for many years, primarily to prevent the growth of Clostridium botulinum. Adding nitrites or nitrates improves the microbiological safety of these foods and extends their safe shelf life. If the most commonly found artificial chemical, sodium nitrite (250), is used incorrectly it can be very harmful to humans.

The Food Safety Act requires all smallgoods to be made with nitrite and generally Chemical Nitrite (250) is used. In the past, concerns have been raised about possible health risks associated with nitrates and nitrites in foods. As a result, Gamze Smokehouse has taken action to avoid using chemicals including Sodium Nitrite (250) by replacing them with natural alternatives. At Gamze Smokehouse we only use a natural nitrite extracted from celery, where it occurs naturally. All our products are therefore preservative and gluten free, therefore no “E” numbers (food additives) are used. Therefore, our products are perfect for customers with food allergies and intolerances searching to avoid unnecessary chemicals from their diet.

It took many years of trial and error to refine our recipes ensuring our products are as natural and possible. Only natural ingredients are used in the manufacture of Gamze Smokehouse Ham, Bacon and Smallgoods. True free-range meats are cured in a brine that consists of Salt, Water, Honey, and Celery Extract producing a pure and natural product.

Commercially made products contain a list of ingredients that reads like a science experiment. The aim of the manufacture is to produce a product that retains as much liquid as possible for two reasons, meat products are sold by weight and to increase its shelf life. Unlike Gamze Smokehouse, large companies that produce ham, bacon and smallgoods in large quantities are focused on volume and price with very small margins involved resulting in compromised quality.

We make our products in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. Everything is made by hand using traditional methods and unique recipes refined over time and many years of experience. We locally source our ingredients to ensure low food miles and maintain a relationship with our regional suppliers as knowing where our ingredients come from is importance to us. Along with the fact that our ham, bacon and smallgoods taste delicious they tick all the boxes when it comes to feeding your family a healthy, natural and ethically produced food.

So why not support a great Australian family business where their customers are their priority and who support other small family businesses. Nitrite Free Bacon is a better option for your family’s health