Ordering and Returns Policy:

Orders can be made via the online store, email enquiries@gamzesmokehouse.com.au, or phone 03 5722 4253
Delivery Areas: Victoria, Metro Sydney, & Southeast QLD.
Delivery fees: Minimum order $150, orders over $300 free delivery, & $30 delivery fee for orders under $300. Deliveries to other areas can be discussed either before or after the order and will be assessed case by case to see if delivery can be made to that area and what the fee will be.

Our money back guarantee: Gamze Smokehouse guarantees to deliver premium quality, fresh products to your door. We will gladly refund any perishable item that is damaged upon receiving, but do not offer a refund if you simply change your mind. If there any problems with your delivery please contact us at customer service on 03 5722 4253 or email Enquiries.


We deliver into Victoria, Metro Sydney, & Southeast QLD on a weekly basis with Monday 10am the cut off time for the week. We can deliver to your home or workplace but remember your order will need to be refrigerated ASAP. We will contact you the day before delivery to confirm the time and address.
If delivery is missed your order can be picked up at one of the Farmers Markets we attend.
Orders to be delivered by Christmas must be made by the 11th of December.

Where are the raw materials sourced?

  • Free Range Pork: Limestone Free Range Pork
  • Free Range Chicken: Albury Wholesale Free Range Poultry
  • Free Range Turkey: Deutscher’s Free Range Turkey Farm in Dadswells Bridge
  • Trout & Salmon: Clamms Seafood
  • Free Range Grass Fed Beef: Australian Wholesale Meats
  • Woodchips: Smoke Master in Craigieburn
  • Honey: Walkabout Honey in Milawa

What is Nitrite?

Nitrates and nitrites have also been used as food additives in cured meats and some cheeses for many years, primarily to prevent the growth of Clostridium botulinum. Adding nitrites or nitrates improves the microbiological safety of these foods and extends their safe shelf life.

The Food Safety Act requires all smallgoods to be made with nitrite and generally Chemical Nitrite (250) is used. In the past, some concerns have been raised about possible health risks associated with nitrates and nitrites in foods. Because of this Gamze Smokehouse has taken the step to avoid using chemicals including Sodium Nitrite (250) and replaced them with natural alternatives.

What ingredients are used?

Only natural ingredients are used in the manufacture of Gamze Smokehouse Ham, Bacon and Smallgoods. True free range meats are cured in a brine that consists of Salt, Water, Honey, and Celery Extract producing a pure and natural product.

How do I store the products after opening the packaging?

As a consequence of using natural preservatives Gamze Smokehouse products may lose the pink bloom associated with ham & bacon. If the product is stored below 4 degrees preferably in aluminium foil it will be suitable for consumption within the best before date and within 3 days after opening. Product can also be frozen then thawed for consumption at a later date.

Free Range, Bred Free Range & Factory Farmed. What’s the difference?

Factory Farmed: Pigs are kept indoors their entire lives on concrete or slatted floors.
Bred Free Range: Breeding sows are kept outdoors, and farrow (give birth) in huts with access to the paddocks until they’re weaned, typically at 4 weeks. The weaners are then kept in groups in open-sided straw-based sheds, also called ‘eco-shelters’, where they spend the rest of their lives until slaughter.

Free Range: All pigs are raised entirely outdoors, with free access to shelter and wallows at all times.

Australian Pork?

Currently 70% of all smallgoods made in Australia is done so using imported pork! At Gamze Smokehouse we don’t only guarantee that our products are made with Australian Pork, we use locally grown pork from North East Victoria.