Turkey Bacon


Turkey Bacon is a relatively new product for us at Gamze Smokehouse and also one that is new to most people in Australia. With this being said its popularity is rapidly increasing and has become a very important part of our range. Turkey Bacon is very popular in North America.

Generally made from chopped and minced turkey and then formed into a traditional bacon like shape we have decided to use a less processed and natural method. At Gamze Smokehouse our Turkey Bacon is made from the turkey thigh fillet and made just like our other verities of bacon. A small layer of fat gives a nice flavour but otherwise it is very lean, therefor has a lot less saturated fat and calories then bacon made from pork. People chose Turkey Bacon due to its lower levels of fat and associated health benefits so they can still enjoy the wonders of bacon a bit more guilt free. Religious beliefs and some allergies that prevent some people from eating pork products is also a big factor in the popularity of Turkey Bacon.

Our Turkey Bacon is made from the thigh of free-range, rear breed turkeys from Freshwater Turkey Farm in South Australia. It is very important to us that the birds are farmed ethically and sustainably, and Freshwater Turkeys are very good at what they do. The process we use to cure our products is free from any chemical ingredients having replaced them with natural alternatives. The ingredients list is short with water, salt, honey and vegetable (celery, yeast, & rosemary) extracts doing the job of about 20 mostly artificial ingredients used in commercially made bacon.

Turkey Bacon can be enjoyed as a replacement to pork bacon in any situation. So please give this amazing product a try we are sure you will be happy you did.