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Best Christmas Ham 2023


Best Christmas Ham 2023 - Gamze

Gamze Smokehouse traditional bone in Christmas ham is an amazing product that will be sure to impress your family and friends. Not only will it look so very special and taste delicious, our hams are also ethically farmed, Free Range and all natural, made without any chemical ingredients.

This artisan hand-crafted bone in leg ham is something to behold and is what a traditional Christmas is all about! Our family recipe has been perfected over time. Distinguished by a long slow steam cooking process used to ensure the ham is moist with texture and character. The exceptional colour and flavour can be attributed to our prided smoking process where only Australian hardwoods are used. Free Range Pork Legs are cured in our signature brine consisting of water, salt, honey, and vegetable extracts for 3 days to infuse with flavour. The steam cooking and smoking process is a 12 hour event the preserves, cooks and adds exceptional depth in aroma.

Free Range Ham, Deliciously Glazed or Natural

Made from only the finest Free-Range Pork from Limestone Pork that produce exceptional Berkshire x Duroc pigs. Gamze Smokehouse don’t use any chemical ingredients with the curing process consisting of Honey, Water, Salt, Vegetable and Yeast Extract. Great sweet and smokey flavour that will look amazing either glazed or natural. This product is extremely popular as a Christmas centrepiece.

Simply push your fingers under the rind to separate it from a nice layer of fat to score as glazing your ham will produce a great result. For a timeless feel, score the fat on a diagonal direction one way and then the other, producing a diamond effect. Then place a clove in the middle of each. Next, using a honey or maple glaze, baste liberally 2-3 times during the baking process that should occur in a 160-degree oven for 1.5 hours.

Convenient and Authentic Christmas Ham

Gamze Smokehouse free range hams are smoked properly the first time. So no need for a double or triple processed product! This makes presenting and eating your ham natural/cold a very popular option. Especially on a hot Australian summers day. Simply slice it up and add some mustard on your plate with all the trimmings for a real winner. To slice your ham, hold the hock and make a number of cuts down to the bone. Then simply turn it to the side and cut along the bone to release the slices onto the serving plate. Please use a sharp knife and use a tea towel to grip for safety and reduce the chance of an incident on Christmas day.

Now the taste and tradition of Gamze Smokehouse is closer to you than ever. So whether you’re hosting an elegant holiday dinner, cooking for a casual family picnic, or just shopping for the perfect gift – be sure to make Gamze Smokehouse a tradition around your family’s table. Purchase online today and have your Christmas ham and other Christmas favourites to your door.