Free Range Pork

The smallgoods industry in Australia in very much dependent on imported pork from Denmark, Canada and America. This pork is subsidised by their governments, produced on a mass scale and not to the same standards as pork produced in Australia. This imported pork is therefore much cheaper and can be less than half the price of Australian grown pork. Over time this has led to over 90% of smallgoods produced in Australia being made from imported pork.

From the 10% of smallgoods the are produced in Australia from Australian grown pork only around 9% of this is made from Free Range pork. The majority of this is sold in the food retail market at specialty grocers and farmers markets. At Gamze Smokehouse we only use APIQ Certified Free Range Pork. We work very closely with our farmers at Limestone Free Range Pork to produce the best quality and ethically farmed to the highest standards.

True Free Range pigs will travel long distances during the day foraging for their favourite treats or just to go to that hidden resting place or mud wallow. Pigs love to graze and will supplement their diet with grasses and weeds when given the opportunity. Our pigs give birth outdoors and spend their entire lives free to roam in paddocks and to forage. They do not have their tales docked or their teeth clipped and are able to grow at a natural pace unaided by hormones or growth promoters. Our farmers do not use sow stalls or farrowing crates. Knowing that farmed pigs are treated well is very important to us and our customers therefore we only use Free Range Pigs in the making of all our products.

Our free range pigs are rare and traditional breeds in Saddle Backs, Berkshires, and Duroc. These breeds are selected for their superior taste and quality by our trusted farmers that consistently produce exceptional animals. Gamze Smokehouse products are made using only the best quality animals from local farmers, we value the relationship with our farmers and make a point of supporting local industry.


When purchasing smallgoods please support Australian grown and certified free range products for its higher quality, ethical farming standards and superior taste. Insist on free range bacon when at your local café as it is just as important to have ethically farmed bacon as it is to have ethically farmed eggs. You will notice the difference in price but at the end of the day you get what you pay for.