smoked chicken

Smoked Chicken Breast – Straightforward Process


This smoked chicken is prepared with the skin on that is either brined in a solution of water, salt, honey, and vegetable extract then cooked slowly in a smoker. Due to its lean plan, Smoked chicken breast is infamously difficult to keep moist and tender throughout cooking. That’s why it is important to cure the meat in a brine for at least 24 hours.

So why not add a bit of smoke to this lean and delicate meat to make it even more delicious? Because chicken goes with everything, you have complete control over the degree of the smoke flavor. It’s up to you whether the smoke is gentle and fruity or powerful and woodsy. This guide will explain how smoked chicken breast is made, and we will go over the most delicate process and provide some advice on keeping your chicken breast moist.

The greatest chicken breasts to smoke are large breasts.

The first step in preparing any dish is choosing the appropriate cut for the recipe. It works well with big chicken breasts. Small chicken breast cuts are not recommended for smoking. Smaller chicken breasts are more likely to dry out because they are naturally lean. Choose the enormous chicken breasts you can find when making your selection, and if you’re smoking several breasts, try to get them as close in size to one another as you can. This will guarantee that they all finish cooking at roughly the same time.

How long does a smoked chicken breast take to smoke?

Ensuring the chicken is cooked through is crucial when smoking any chicken cut. You will be instructed to use your fingers to feel for crispiness when smoking the majority of meat cuts. The internal temperature of chicken must be within a safe eating range to prevent significant food poisoning, which is the exact opposite. The meat will need to come to a minimum temperature of 65 degrees C for at least 15 mins.

Smoked Chicken Breast –  Smoking techniques

Chicken preparation

  • There shouldn’t be much cutting required if you buy boneless chicken breast fillets. With a sharp kitchen knife, remove any extra fat that may occasionally be present from the edges.
  • Brining your chicken is a terrific technique that always yields a juicer finished product because chicken breast is a relatively lean cut and prone to becoming dry.
  • In essence, wet brine is salted water to which sugars are subsequently added to counteract the saltiness. The brine can then begin to receive other tastes. Citrus, garlic, and a touch of heat are always a terrific combination, with the protein being brined, which in this case is chicken.
  • Your brine’s two main goals are to add extra flavour and moisture to the breast, so it stays as succulent as possible while smoking. The chicken should be brined in the refrigerator for at least four hours, ideally overnight.
  • A smoker must be set up for indirect low and slow cooking when assembling your smoker. Once the temperature is set to what you want, they will remain there until the fuel runs out.

The Summary 

These days, smoked chicken breasts are often used in salads, soups, curries, and other dishes. Because the smoked chicken breasts are often so seamlessly blended into the dish as a whole, sometimes you might not even be aware that it contains them. You can easily make this quick, tasty smoked chicken breast recipe home for a great weeknight meal.