Smoked Turkey Dinner

Smoked Turkey Tips and Tricks for the Holidays


This Smoked turkey recipe uses a whole turkey that has been slow-smoked to juicy, succulent perfection after being covered in a homemade spice rub. A magnificent holiday main dish that is simple to prepare and requires no oven space! This delicious smoked turkey is juicy and soft with a delicate Smokey taste, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Without a turkey, Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same. This smoked turkey is simpler to make than it appears. This recipe will handle all the hard work, whether you’re an experienced smoker or this is your first time! It’s really easy to understand! You won’t want your meat any other way after you start smoking it! Regardless of the meat, you select, it always comes out tender, juicy, and delectably Smokey. This guide explains how to make Smoked Turkey and what to keep in mind when making it.