free range ham

Unveiling Excellence: The Journey of Our Unique Free-Range Ham


At Gamze Smokehouse, we take immense pride in crafting an exceptional culinary masterpiece – our one-of-a-kind free-range ham. Rooted in a commitment to ethical farming practices and premium quality, our ham stands as a testament to our dedication to delivering the very best to our cherished customers.

Crafted with Care: Our journey begins with the finest free-range pork sourced from the pristine landscapes of Limestone Coast in South Australia. Raised in accordance with Australian Pork’s rigorous free-range standards, our pigs enjoy a life of well-being, roaming open pastures and indulging in a natural, plant-based diet. This commitment to ethical animal husbandry resonates in every bite of our ham.

A Symphony of Flavours: What sets our free-range ham apart is not just its remarkable source, but also its unparalleled taste and texture. Unlike mass-produced hams, our artisanal approach ensures that each ham boasts unique texture and colour variations in different muscles. The result is a true homage to traditional craftsmanship, delivering a harmonious blend of aroma, flavour, and succulence.

The Journey of Creation: Our meticulous production process is a labour of love. We’ve nurtured a long-standing relationship with our dedicated pork grower, ensuring only the finest pigs grace our smokehouse. We source local, natural ingredients, such as high-quality honey and salt, which come together to create the exquisite flavour profile of our ham. Small batch production guarantees unrivalled standards, with a brining process spanning over three days, followed by the gentle embrace of Australian Hardwoods’ smoke for more than 12 hours.

Elevating Values: Choosing our free-range ham isn’t merely a culinary decision; it’s a conscious choice that aligns with your values. For those seeking high-quality, ethically farmed, and natural products, Gamze Smokehouse embodies the ideal. Our free-range pork is certified by Australian Pork, a testament to our dedication to transparency and quality.

A Slice of Celebration: Our free-range ham’s popularity spans year-round, from crafting irresistible ham and cheese toasted sandwiches to serving as the centrepiece of gourmet pizzas. During the festive season, its presence elevates the Christmas table, effortlessly feeding a crowd with its remarkable flavour and generous portions.

Looking Ahead: As we embrace the journey of delivering excellence, our long-term vision extends to sharing the joy of our unique free-range ham with even more corners of Australia. Our commitment to regenerative farming, ethical practices, and exceptional quality remains unwavering, ensuring that Gamze Smokehouse free-range ham continues to be a symbol of culinary excellence for years to come.

Indulge in the exceptional, savour the unique, and relish the taste of true craftsmanship. Discover the journey of our free-range ham – a tribute to nature’s bounty and a celebration of flavours that linger on the palate, leaving a legacy of excellence in every bite.