Bacon sliced – Sliced Streaky Bacon

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Sliced Streaky Bacon Sliced: 200g pack

Sliced Streaky or Belly Bacon for those who love true bacon. Made from the most delicious part of the pig, the pork belly. With a great mixture of fat and meat the streaky bacon is a favourite of bacon lovers everywhere. You eat streaky bacon for its flavour and because you love bacon, not for its health benefits…. Use it to wrap your eye fillet steak, or roast quail to add depth of flavour and keep delicate meats from drying out. Streaky bacon looks good tastes good and you can enjoy Gamze Smokehouse bacon without having to worry about all the chemicals that the big brands use to make their bacon. The honey used will candy the bacon nicely and the full smoked flavour will have you coming back for more. A great present for that bacon connoisseur in your family.

Streaky bacon

Streaky bacon is the standard bacon found in almost every grocery shop. It is usually derived from the animal’s fattier belly and comprises around one part meat to three parts fat. Because of the lengthy layers of fat that run parallel to the rind, streaky bacon got its name. Bacon enthusiasts frequently prefer streaky bacon.

Streaky bacon has a lot of fat and is formed more like a ruler; thus, it’s also known as bacon strips. It’s ideal for wrapping around practically any meat, draping over your Christmas turkey, or putting on a sandwich with barbecue sauce. Oh, and it’s served better crispy, in my view. It is frequently injected with a mixture of salt and sodium nitrate to cure smoky bacon. Various varieties are dry-cured with a dry rub or marinated in a curing solution. After curing, the bacon is smoked if desired and thinly sliced.

Because of its fat, streaky bacon crisps up nicely when cooked, making it excellent for crispy bacon sandwiches. It also complements most foods that can handle its intense flavour and solid texture.