smoked trout

Smoked Trout: A Recipe for Success


This Smoked Trout is a tasty way to prepare fresh trout. Simple brine keeps the trout moist and adds an incredible amount of smoke flavour. This trout can be enjoyed in a variety of ways! So, whether you enjoy fishing and want to cook your fresh catch, or you prefer to buy your fish at the supermarket, this recipe will let you smoke it too perfectly!

Trout are ideal for hot smoking due to their small size, uniform texture, and delicious flavour. Hot smoking cooks the trout while imparting a delightful smoky taste. This is not to be confused with cold smoking, which is used to preserve seafood. Smoked trout is an excellent meal or appetiser. It can also season with various foods, ranging from fish soup to smoked trout dip. In this guide, you will find out how Smoked trout is made and what ingredients go into it. So let’s just get started.


Brine can be used to flavour and moisten trout before putting them in the smoker. It’s simple, requires a few everyday items, and the fish will be available when you start the smoker. This is an optional step, as smoked fish do not always require brine.

To brine fish at home, mix one tablespoon table salt or two teaspoons kosher salt into 1 cup of water. You’ll need to make enough brine to submerge the fish. Seasoning the fish brine with little seasonings is also a good idea. Keep it basic with onion, garlic, black pepper, vinegar, and olive oil if desired.

Before bringing them, you must clean the fish and prepare them for the smoker. Lay them open to allow the brine to enter, and then pour the brine over the fish.


You can set the smoker while the trout brines. Small fish (approximately 8 inches) can be entirely smoked in an hour, but a more extended time adds taste. Keep an eye on the fish so they don’t dry out, but you can usually keep them in the smoker for up to 4 hours at 225 F. To smoke, choose a moderate wood such as fruit wood or oak. Alder is traditionally used with fish; if you find some, it makes a fantastic smoke flavour. Arrange the trout so that the smoke may reach the insides of the fish.


You’ll have a delicious meal on your hands when the trout is fully smoked. You can eat them as is or make them for dinner with your favourite sides. Smoked trout can also be served as an appetiser or a component in other recipes, similar to smoked salmon. You might try combining 1 cup of smoked fish meat with 2 cups of cream cheese. Serve as a dip, seasoned with garlic and Tabasco.


  • Six fillets of rainbow trout
  • Accouterments
  • Brine
  • Two kosher salt teaspoons
  • Two teaspoons of brown sugar
  • 4 cups ice-cold water

Preparation of making Smoked Trout 

This Smoked Trout is a tasty way to prepare fresh trout. The fish absorbs an incredible amount of smoky flavour and may be enjoyed in various ways. So, whether you enjoy fishing and want to cook your fresh catch, or you prefer to buy your fish at the supermarket, this method will help you smoke it to perfection!

  • To make the trout brine, dissolve kosher salt and brown sugar in water.
  • Put the trout fillets in the brine, skin side up, and brine for 15 minutes.
  • Preheat your smoker to 180 F.
  • Remove the trout from the brine and set the fillets straight on your smoker’s grates.
  • Put the lid and smoke the trout for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, depending on thickness. Smoke the trout until it gets an internal temperature of 145°F. The fish fillets should be smoked until they flake easily.
  • Remove the fish from the smoker and offer warm or cold with your preferred accompaniments.
  • Serve warm fillets immediately, or chill to room temperature before storing. Refrigerate the smoked salmon in an airtight container for up to 3 weeks.
  • Wrap the individual fillets in plastic wrap and place them in an airtight container to freeze. You can keep it in the freezer for up to a year.

Enjoy your delicious Smoked Trout!

We hope you enjoy this detailed recipe for smoked trout that just melts in your mouth. Smoked trout is delicious, but preparing it perfectly can also be challenging. Still, with the help of this recipe, you’ll discover a simple method for making the perfect smoked trout every time.